3DViewer an intuitive application to display your 3D models. It supports many file formats.

3ds3D Studio MAX
dwDesign Workshop
geoCarbon Graphics
lwo & lws   Lightwave
objAlias Wavefront

3D Formats

Read 3dc, d3s, ac, dw, dxf, flt, geo, iv, ive, lwo, lws, obj, osg and x.
Write osg.


Render solid/wireframe/wire-solid, textured/untextured, lit/unlit.
Display the model in anaglyph stereo.
Set the background color.
Display a grid at the origin of the model.
Overlay your own logo. (Donation required)
Animate Degrees of Freedom, Sequences and Particle Systems.
Set the Level of Detail scale factor.
Flip through all Switches.

Scene graph

Show the internal structure of the model in an explorer-like structure. Right-click on nodes to inspect or set their properties. Auto-expand or collapse the scenegraph to show all Switches or Degrees of Freedom. Selected nodes are highlighted in the 3D view.


Show the triangle count. Quads are counted as two triangles.

Download version 0.5 for Windows

This software is provided as-is, and free of charge. Use it at your own risk.

In the bottom of the window the url of this website is displayed, see the screenshot below. To remove this url and overlay your own logo, please donate $15.

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